About the webinar

The construction industry has numerous words, terms, and phrases that are unique and specific to the industry. It is vitally important for construction professionals and contract administration specialists to know and understand the true meaning and intent of the respective words, terms, and phrases stipulated in construction contracts in order to decipher the issue that needs to be addressed and solved.

Based on that, this session aims to examine important contractual terms that practitioners may lack appreciation for, yet are crucial contractual terms commonly used in construction contract administration, such as:

  • Determination of Employment or Termination of Contract – Which one to use?
  • Working Regularly & Diligently – How to ascertain?
  • What is the meaning to “issue” certificate?
  • “Working days” under CIPAA 2012
  • Force Majeure & Frustration – Any difference?
  • Condition precedent – To comply or not to comply?

About the Speaker

Sr Jaspal Singh a/l Nachatar Singh is currently attached with the Public Works Department Malaysia (PWD) as Senior Quantity Surveyor. Jaspal has 18 years of experience as a quantity surveyor both in the private and government sector. He has experience working with quantity surveying consultant firm, main contractor and sub-contractor. In the government sector, he has gain experience in various different government agencies such as PWD Penang, National Landscape Department (KPKT), Drainage and Irrigation Department Of Malaysia (JPS) and Policy & Corporate Management Branch, PWD Malaysia and Special Project Team, PWD Malaysia.


Who should attend?

  • Contract Administrator / Administration Specialists 
  • Construction professionals who deal with construction contracts from day-to-day

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About PMCC Brainhuddle™

We apply the PMCC BrainHuddle™ method to conduct short sessions with business professionals in a free and easy setting. The concept is to provide an expert presentation on a key topic in a highly interactive workshop style. Besides that, the topics are relevant to the current situation in the market and you will discuss the topic among a small group of experts.

You can relate during the BrainHuddle™ with your own business or project situation and brainstorm with the group. You will walk away with real solutions and value for your own business or project.

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