Contracts, Claims and Disputes

Robust and Strategised Contractual Protections

PMCC provide various services within the contracts, claims and disputes field.


PMCC services for contracts start at the very beginning of contract formation by providing advice on the best form of contract to use in order to meet with client requirements. From this early advise we assist in contract drafting to deal with specific project or client requirements to ensure that contracts are robust in nature and protect the key interests that the client has. In the event that there is another party forming the contract and issuing for review, PMCC will provide assessment of the same, identifying possible amendments and the key risks, rights and obligations of the Contract.

Upon award PMCC will administer the contract of the project and issue necessary letters / notices to ensure that rights are maintained and the obligations are confirmed.


Preparation of well strategized and considered contractual claims to ensure that our clients take the best route forward and provide the best opportunity to deliver a successful result from claim submissions. Our claims include for extensions of time, loss and expense, disruption and acceleration measures.

Our delivered product is clear, well thought out and provides for a robust and evidenced product for negotiations and discussions with opposing parties.


PMCC assist in resolving disputes in the form of an independent role or as advocate for a party. In terms of independent roles PMCC provided Expert Reports for arbitrations, winding up orders and civil legal proceedings during formal disputes. PMCC also however provide alternative dispute resolution services including mediation.

In terms of a party advocate we provide strategy and direction to legal teams during formal legal proceedings particularly in strategizing and preparing formal documentations and submissions for the proceedings including arbitration, adjudication and civil proceedings.

Sectors Covered

Service Lead

Jamie Duncan

Jamie Duncan


Solar Farm Development

Our role:

  • Review and investigate potential delay events on project.
  • Prepare impact of delay on the project via TIA accounting for progress updates.
  • Assess contractual entitlement to delay and provide contractual right for the same within a claim narrative.
  • Prepare full loss and expense claim complete with reasoned, evidenced and substantiated information.

PNB 118 - Infra Package

Our role:

  • Provide strategic review of delay events
  • Advise on contractual entitlement and strategy for claim submissions
  • Rights and obligations review of contract
  • Detailed delay analysis
  • Preparation of extension of time and loss & expense claim

TRX Mall

Our role:

  • Provide planning consulting to Main Contractor to protect against various access issues and record progress and delays
  • Contract Administration of the Main Contract, including contractual notifications and protections
  • Managed day-to-day contractual issues and visiting Director agreed strategy for correspondence, notices and responses
  • Claims for EOT and Loss & Expense

P&C - Oil and Gas Processing Facility

Our role:

  • Review proposed contract to be executed
  • Provide completed rights and obligations report and schedule
  • Advice on conditions which are not practical and also which have high risk
  • Propose amendments to the same
  • Provide strategy on delivery of the rights and obligations of the contract including allocation and prioritization of matters to the project team include escalation issues


The topic of contracts, claims and disputes can be daunting, let our experienced team guide you through.

I have a really difficult contractual situation with my project and looking for guidance, can you provide?

We can review your issues and provide a strategy on how best to achieve your requirements.


My project teams need training on specific contracts that we use and how to administer them, can you help?

We provide training on many forms of contract and can also analyse and train on specific bespoke contract formations.

Can you assist to guide us on how best to resolve our dispute and if we should commence arbitration?

We will provide strategic analysis of your dispute and detailed pros and cons with options including analysis on the strength of your case.

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