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At PMCC, we provide a large array of planning services to ensure our clients have confidence, transparency and protection in terms of their project timing and completion. These include:

Planning Feasibility

From the very initial project idea, we create a robust and reliable programme for carrying out a project.

Then, we assess and review tender programmes as to practicality, logic, and realistic time period for carrying out the works.

In addition, perform third-party programme auditing to identify issues and provide programme assurance.

Client Project Programming

We develop the initial programme as the design progresses in terms of constructability and detailing.

Additionally, reviewing contractor’s baseline programme on its logic, productivity outputs, the realism of the project, and compliance with the contractual obligations.

As well as reviewing progress onsite, contractors’ progress updates and progress reports providing independent analysis and ensuring accuracy.

In order to maintain and complete the project on time, we also prepare mitigation/acceleration options to deal with events of delay.

Contractor Project Programming

We tender programme preparation to ensure the ability to deliver the project in the period stated within tender documents.

We also prepare baseline programme for the works, with sensible logic, realistic productivity outputs, and compliance with the contractual obligations.

On top of reviewing progress onsite, preparing regular progress updates and progress reports, we prepare mitigation/acceleration options to deal with events of delay in order to maintain and complete the project on time.

Sectors Covered

Service Leads

Ts Azilla Binti Abd Rahman

Ts Azilla Binti Abd Rahman

Senior Consultant, Planning Manager

Peninsula Hotel Yangon

Our role:

  • Provide consultant planning to Contractor
  • Form the Baseline Programme
  • Delivery planning strategy for the project
  • Progress updates and progress reports
  • Assessment of project access delays


Project management can be a huge and complex topic with many aspects to what needs to be done and what is really required.

Let us find out how we can add value to your project.

What is PMCC virtual platform for project management?

We setup your project remotely because our projects are managed in the cloud and we conduct meetings online, including meetings notes linked to Microsoft Teams and if necessary included in a workflow for review and approval. We draft project documents and include it into the project document management system as per Project PQP. We offer project timelines in your preferred  planning tool and link it with the project reporting to measure project performance with progress tracking and reporting to the selected stakeholders.

Questions a project manager has before starting a project

To start a project can be quite a challenge and a lot of questions need to be answered, documented and ultimately translated into actions:

  • What is the project’s objective and what benefits are expected?
  • When is the expected completion?
  • Are any specific requirements stipulated?
  • How will the team communicate and what tools will be used?
  • What are the risks?
  • And what is the budget?

All of these questions and more PMCC will take care for you from the very start of the project and manage the entire project life cycle until the project completion.

What Project Management Guideline is PMCC using?

We have certified project managers with different certifications from Prince 2 to PMP, GMP, IPMA and Agile. Today’s world is very volatile and the project management has to be flexible, and adapt to the project situation, location, risks, resources and of course what the expected outcome is. We therefore tailor project management to your project needs

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