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PMCC provides comprehensive professional consultancy services to clients across the South East Asia region.

We provide these services for Contractors, Developers, End Users, Financing Entities, and Operators.

Your Trusted Project Partner

Specialists for medium to large-scale projects, our renowned expertise are:

Project Management

Commercial Management

Contracts, Claims & Disputes


Requirement Management



Recent Articles

BrainHuddle™️ 5, 2022: Tackling Construction Project Delays – Common Causes and How to Overcome Them

About the webinar A project delay is an unplanned and unexpected deferment of work/progress due to some event or occurrence that hindered the project. Delays are the length of time that extends the project duration and causes a disruption in the delivery of project...

BrainHuddle™ 4, 2022: Common Construction Contractual Terms Explained

About the webinar The construction industry has numerous words, terms, and phrases that are unique and specific to the industry. It is vitally important for construction professionals and contract administration specialists to know and understand the true meaning and...

6 Types of Unconscious Bias and How to Manage Them

In this article, we break down the 6 types of unconscious bias and how to manage them. First, let's begin by understanding: What is unconscious bias? Unconscious biases are the biases that everyone has, that live in the dark recesses of the human brain. These biases...

PMCC BrainHuddle™ 3, 2022: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

People make snap decisions about people, as quickly as 30 millisecondsThis instinctual reaction can greatly influence how we respond to new people or even people we currently are in contact with. This is because, these unconscious decisions about someone’s character...

PMCC BrainHuddle™ 2, 2022: Emotional Intelligence for Times of Crisis

Emotional Intelligence has been identified as one of the most important core competencies for the future of work Emotional Intelligence has been identified as one of the most important core competencies for the future of work by The Jobs of the Future report published...

SimulTrain® – The Project Management Simulator

"With a project based future of business, we believe that a good foundation of project management understanding is important. The best and fastest way to learn is a serious game which puts you instantly in the role of a project manager!" We are proud to be partner of...

The PMCC Future of Project Management

"Numerous publications by global consultant companies including PMI® the Project Management Institute clearly predict the future of work is project based." It is our pleasure to welcome you to our new website and article section with the theme: "The PMCC Future of...

Recent Events

Picture of PMCC BrainHuddle 4, 2022 poster

BrainHuddle™ 4: Common Contractual Terms in Construction Contract Explained

It is not uncommon for projects to be delayed in the construction industry. However, are all delays unavoidable?  

Join our upcoming webinar: Tackling Construction Project Delays – Common Causes and How to Overcome Them, as our very own expert and Planning Manager: Ts Azilla ABD Rahman examines: 

  1. the common delay causes faced in the construction industry; 
  1. impact of delays on projects; and 
  1. how to manage and overcome project delays. 

Limited seats are available, sign up here.  


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