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Project Management

Management of projects either face to face on site or via virtual platform, depending on the individual role, scope and project needs from project development, throughout the entire project life cycle inclusive of operation and maintenance until decommissioning or de-investing the project.

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Commercial Management

Commercial Management of projects from initial feasibility studies, through to business planning, cost planning, procurement, cost forecasting, cost management and value creation. These services provide for commercial knowledge and assurance for our clients throughout each stage of projects.

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Contracts, Claims and Disputes

Robust, and well considered contractual protections throughout every day contractual issues through to contractual claims for loss & expense / extensions of time and dispute resolution services. These services are provided as advocate and also on an independent basis as required depending on the appointment and particular service required.

PMCC Contracts, Claims and Disputes

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

Our experience as PMC, PDP or specific subject matter expert for the project owner, the main EPC contractor, or sub-contractors is one of PMCC’s prime service. We tailor and integrate EPC topics with overall engineering management, requirement, interface, risk, procurement, contract and construction management, project operations and claim management to ensure positive cashflow throughout the project.

PMCC Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

Requirement Management

Requirement Management is an art of developing a meticulous process that validates if the projects requirements and deliverables are met during its lifecycle. The age of digitalisation is not only changing the entire project management architecture but also in its approaches. Projects are continuously becoming more complex with the adoption of artificial intelligence and software applications which allows for a seamless integration in a centralised environment. With an efficient requirements management, you can now conquer the challenges, complexity and interdependencies that exist in the present project management ecosystem to simplify the development of the project.

Having indefinite requirements may result in scope creep, budget overruns, poor quality and ultimately a delay to the progress while leaving behind a dissatisfied client. Thus, it is paramount important to have a intelligent requirement management to guarantee success of the project.

Picture of requirement management supported by technology such as artificial intelligence


Plan your moves with the right programme for your project. Our planning services include initial feasibility programmes, tender programmes for bids, Client or Contractor project baseline programming to ensure robust project plans, acceleration or mitigation programming to deal with events throughout the project and extension of time claims with detailed delay analysis.


The internet is full of data, but to get the right information and to have questions answered is of essence. Our experienced facilitators, proven in the field as mentors equipped with best practises and combined with the latest information and technology will give you the best learning in the shortest time possible.

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