People make snap decisions about people, as quickly as 30 milliseconds

This instinctual reaction can greatly influence how we respond to new people or even people we currently are in contact with. This is because, these unconscious decisions about someone’s character create a bias towards them, whether good or bad. As a result, this unconscious bias can impact into a culture of toxic communication, discriminatory behaviours, and low morale in the workplace.

We cannot stop or prevent unconscious bias, but we can learn how to use logical thought to ensure that we don’t let it impact negatively the workplace.  By joining the free webinar, participants will be able to:
• Identify what unconscious bias (UB) is
• Recognise how they, their colleagues and organisation can be affected by UB
• Explain how they can manage their own UB
• Identify steps to raise awareness and manage UB in the workplace

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About the Speaker

Bill is a qualified trainer with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – UK (CIPD) and has a wealth of experience in creating and delivering training programs globally. Additionally, he is qualified in human development technologies such as NLP, Brain Gym, Improv Techniques, and more.


About PMCC Brainhuddle™

We apply the PMCC BrainHuddle™ method to conduct short sessions with business professionals in a free and easy setting. The concept is to provide an expert presentation on a key topic in a highly interactive workshop style. Besides that, the topics are relevant to the current situation in the market and you will discuss the topic among a small group of experts.

You can relate during the BrainHuddle™ with your own business or project situation and brainstorm with the group. You will walk away with real solutions and value for your own business or project.

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