“With a project based future of business, we believe that a good foundation of project management understanding is important.

The best and fastest way to learn is a serious game which puts you instantly in the role of a project manager!”

We are proud to be partner of SimulTrain® a game based online simulation which allows learners to acquire core project management competencies while improving teamwork and leadership skills in a realistic & fast-paced environment.


What is Project Management Simulation?

SimulTrain® is an online simulation of project management which allows learners to acquire core project management competencies as well as teamwork and leadership skills in an enjoyable way. So far, the simulator is used in more than 50 countries and has contributed to the training of more than 150’000 project managers. They enjoyed to be exposed to a close to real project, to take decisions under pressure and finally to review them – without any implication on their promotion or career.

We in PMCC combine the simulation with the needs of the participants to have a tailored training for best value in the shortest time possible. From our experience with SimulTrain® people like to play the “project game” and the understanding and learning is more profound as it is like a real project touching many aspects like

  1. Project planning
  2. Resource allocation
  3. Budgeting
  4. Risk management
  5. Quality management
  6. Project execution
  7. Decision making
  8. Project controlling
  9. Reporting
  10. Project Closing
  11. Team work

How does project simulation work?

SimulTrain® is primarily used in combination with classroom activities but can be also played completely online.

In teams of 3 to 4 people, learners play the role of the project manager. The teams have to plan and execute a typical mid-sized project. They immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they can track the evolution of the costs, the schedule, the quality as well as the human factors.

With the help of SimulTrain®, project manager can make all the mistakes while planning and executing a project and learn from these mistakes.

Full of multimedia interaction, SimulTrain® provides the teams with phone calls, emails, and voicemails to create a realistic and stressful environment – just as in real life. Therefore, learners experience stress and working under pressure.

SimulTrain® is also an ideal tool for team building or decision making.

The project simulation, in combination with a number of training sessions to gain the full AHA-moment understanding the processes during the game is fantastic. We also love the debrief sessions in between the simulation or at completion. The teams have to prepare a report and justify their decisions and the consequential outcome. That’s when they can relate to their own projects and understand why things do not turn out well or where the issues are.

PMCC also add one more layer of feedback as we can see as facilitators the dynamic in a team, who is leading, taking action or contribute to the team. Seeing these personal habits in during the game and how they play out in the team, usually reflects the reality in the real projects. For the company running an important project, that kind of feedback helps profoundly to allot the right people to the right position. The players get to know each other with their strength and points to improve during the game and it can be considered a team building for better performance and team dynamic in the real project.


Simulation is a widely used tool and it will come more and more into the traditional business as AI gets stronger and better by the day. For best outcomes, we suggest a combination of short course sessions to brief the theory and then play the project game for best experience and learning.

Stay tuned with THE PMCC FUTURE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT, premium content relevant for the project industry over the next 10 years and beyond, implementing Industry 4.0 and future trends into daily project management.

Thank you for being here and we hope you gained some new insights and ideas for your own situation and a positive outlook for the future. Your comments are very much welcome for discussion and future postings.

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