Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

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EPCM – Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management is one of PMCC’s prime service. We cover the entire EPC project life cycle and manage each trade based on international standards with highly experienced individuals specifically selected for your project. Based on our EPC experience such projects are usually managed as a programme of individual sub-projects with a consolidated benefit as an outcome. We apply the best practises and tailor the individual trade to amalgamate it into a programme with processes from the very start until the very completion.

We can be in the role of a PMC, PDP or just specific subject matter expert for the project owner, the main EPC contractor, or sub-contractors.

For the engineering phase, we deliver requirement management, engineering management, interface management, risk management, systems assurance and integration with other trades, packages, and environment. The procurement phase is overlapping with all project phases as it must be established at the start of the project for tendering, contract setup, long lead items, material approvals, risk management and ultimately the setup of the progress tracking for the regular claims with quantity surveying.

All that leads into the construction management to mobilise the teams and machinery to the site with prior safety setup, training, and the approved design drawings for construction at the right time at the right place in the right hands to expedite the works. Deliver EPC Management with a comprehensive timeline, tracking system, quality management and process setup, documentation, and the right team to set all in motion.

We have done numerous projects and been in different roles to expedite the programme with our team actively to take all the actions, manage sub-contractors and their deliverables, attend upstream and downstream meetings and ultimately report the progress on a weekly and monthly basis upstream to the Project Director and Board of Directors.

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Jamie Duncan

Jamie Duncan


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Peter Wyss

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What is difference between EPC and EPCM?

While an EPC contractor performs the engineering, procurement and construction scope(s) for a project, i.e. the EPC executes the actual work and , the EPCM model can be regarded as a professional services contract. The EPCM contractor has a duty to ensure that the engineering and design of the project is in compliance with the projects technical and functional specifications.

What EPCM stands for?

The EPC contractor performs the engineering, procurement and construction scope(s) and the M stands for the management part for such a project. The management role of an EPC project can be flexible and PMCC is open to take full responsibility as a PMC or just be subject matter expert.

What sectors use EPCM?

Usually projects where engineering and procurement leads into construction are the infrastructure sector, industrial sector, housing, smart cities, highway, transportation, airports etc.

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