Requirement Management

Requirement Management – an alchemy for success!

PMCC ensures project success by embedding a powerful requirement management technique that is applicable for various projects in different industries. These approaches are diligently tailored to serve specific project needs.

A requirement management plan develop the strategy from its foundation to its execution that would define how you would receive, analyse, document and manage all the requirement within the project. In the plan, the key resources are identified within the project team including with the contractors and the client.

We will support on administrating review session with the client, suppliers and the contractors. From these review session, the audit schedules are arranged with the independent assessors which the entire process shall be established to ensure it is communicated well with external and internal stakeholders.

We will then move into Exploring, Identifying, Documenting all the requirements from the contractual document and tagging them against each project lifecycle. A tracker shall be used to monitor, control, and verify the content of the requirement against the contractual deliverables. Any gaps that were found shall be communicated formally to the client.

In some cases, a change request management required, which we will build the structure, and derive the process that is aligned with the project standards. We will support in administrating and managing the change request process.

To ensure that full compliance to the contractual deliverables, we will also ensure the submission of all document from the design stage, construction, testing & commissioning and handover captures the traceability of the requirements. We will also validate the deliverables of the requirement either through reports, test results, and also operational documentation.

Our team are trained to use the requirement management tools such as ComplyPro, Doors, etc to login the requirement including building the traceability matrix, and as such able to provide the complete package to your project.

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Brian Immanuel

Brian Immanuel

Senior Consultant

RTS Project

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Our role:

  • Manage and coordinate Requirement Management activities
  • Manage the requirements traceability database through the relational database: ComplyPro
  • Lead Compliance Traceability Matrix preparation and linkage for document submission and development of System requirement Specifications
  • Prepare and maintain Requirement Management Plan


Requirement Management can be a huge and complex topic with many aspects to what needs to be done and what is really required.

Let us find out how we can add value to your project.

How do you render your services for requirement management for specific projects?

We tailor our services to the needs of our client and are flexible to work remotely as we are equipped digitally and being physically present as to when needed. We will integrate ourselves to be part of your project management team to your expectation either leading or being the supporting role.

Is your requirement management team are experienced with requirement management softwares such as ComplyPro, DOORs and etc.?

Our requirement management specialist team are skilled with the latest application software such as ComplyPro & DOORs that are utilised in variety of complex projects to provide a quality services for you that meets the expectation.

What are the type of requirement management services do you provide generally ?

We are able to provide a full consultancy services or short term adhoc basis depending on your requirement to deliver the comprehensive scope which includes establishing the overall process, producing the necessary document & plans and also utilising the requirement management software to link the requirement to meet the compliance. We will also lead the meetings with various stakeholders and supporting the clients during audit sessions.

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