Mercedes Benz Regional Logistic Center Johor

– Project Mango

The new regional parts distribution location will be part of the global Daimler AG After-Sales Supply Chain Network, serving the Asia Pacific region and other countries in the future.

  • Year of Commencement: 2021
  • Project Type: Project Management
  • Status: Ongoing

About Mercedes Benz Regional Logistic Center Johor – Project Mango

Late 2021, Mercedes-Benz finalised the planning for a regional After-Sales Logistics Center in Malaysia. Located in Senai Airport City, the Mercedes Benz Regional Logistic Center Johor – Project Mango, consists of a single-storey warehouse approximately 1,000,000 square feet including double storey offices, a recycling building, a waste building, a Damaged Battery Storage building and a Guardhouse complemented by different outdoor areas like truck yard, parking etc.

Progress Picture of Mercedes Benz Regional Logistics Center Illustration

Progress picture for illustration purpose only, does not represent the actual status and / or design of the building.

Operations are planned to start at the beginning of 2024. For the development of the new building Mercedes-Benz has found a partner in the developer Tiong Nam Logistics Solution Sdn Bhd. The company will be in the lead for developing the location and the owner of the new warehouse.

“With our planned After-Sales Logistics Center, Mercedes-Benz is committed and will invest to strengthen our foothold in Malaysia. We have found excellent conditions and great support in cooperation with MIDA and the related ministries. Located strategically in Johor Bahru, this new After-Sales Logistics Center will enable us to reaffirm our position as a global and regional distribution hub whilst creating new jobs for the region. Both our customers and our dealer networks will enjoy a good service and high-quality standards through this new infrastructure,” said Thomas Schulz, Vice President Global Service & Parts Operations.

The new distribution Center will then become a part of the global Daimler AG After-Sales Supply Chain Network and will serve as a distribution site for spare parts in the Asia Pacific region and other countries. It will take care of the importation, the storage as well as the regional management of spare part and accessories distribution. The building management system of the new warehouse will be equipped with the latest storage and material-handling systems. The new established company “Mercedes Benz Parts Logistics Asia Pacific (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd”, a 100% subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG, will operate the After-Sales Logistics Center in Malaysia.

Our role in this Project

Daimler Real Estate (“DRE”), the Project Leader has engaged with PMCC to steer and manage the construction of the new regional logistic center (RLC) – Project Mango as their project Manager. This is the latest in a number of projects which PMCC has carried out for DRE across the South East Asia region, including Thailand and Vietnam. PMCC looks forward to the successful delivery of the project and the continued long term relationship with DRE.

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Being involved in numerous mega projects since 2007, the PMCC team bags vast experience not only from a technical aspect with all the integration, complexity, and interfacing, it is also from the human aspect to consider performing over a long period with many different stakeholders. We are driven by values and purpose and bring exceptional motivation, knowledge, and experience to the table. We are flexible and independent with software solutions, contract models, contractors, and suppliers. Additional to our expertise, we also do knowledge transfer by mentoring, coaching, and training our clients to enable their teams to grow with the processes we apply and eventually run future projects on their own.


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